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Partnership With Deepak Suhag

Partnership with Deepak Suhag

Deepak Suhag partners enjoy a lot of privilege over the normal customers/client.

  • Agency outsourcing partnership – In this type of partnership we have IT agencies onsite who outsource work over to us offshore and we do them at low prices and high precision timely delivery and quality. Our agency partners say they have even saved 70% on the bottom line by partnering over with Depex. Agency partners have the option to show us as their vendor OR brand the entire product in their own names too.
  • 50-50 Partnership - Some of our agencies in the US are stronger in their local market and they have a huge base of clients there but they do not and cannot show that they are outsourcing over to anyone and also on all their project if we meet the resource expenses – the agencies prefer to do the profit 50% and 50% and hence the name.
  • Technical support partnership - Some agencies/Clients do the work themselves and partner with us for technical support only and we provide them the resources at low costs hence is a win-win for both.
  • Reseller partnership - In some cases we have companies or Vendors who would like to market and sell our products and solutions in their own market and would like to have a reseller commissions. This is also a win-win for both partners as we have consistent projects to deliver and they earn a huge commission mid-way.

So let us know which kind of partnership is suitable and comfortable with you and we shall proceed on the same. We also sing agreements including NDA with all our clients, customers and partners.

So what are you waiting for – If you are a company looking to outsource your web, mobile or Digital marketing work at low costs and best global quality – come partner with Deepak Suhag and you shall reap a huge profit on the bottom lines.

Have a question or need a custom quote? Get in touch with us today and you will never need to hunt down another IT accomplice !!!

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